Hi-Profile CSharp Applications List Edit

Date Added Application Description Web Site Review
25th May 2009 Documenter Documenter is a creator of extensive SQL Server database documentation. It gives you cross-linked HTML and Windows Help CHM files describing your databases. It's a quick and easy documentation generator for your databases. Web Site
25th May 2009 Data Sync Data Sync is an advanced data comparison & synchronization. It can do the comparison and sync of local and remote databases in a matter of seconds. There are three modes for ultimate flexibility: comparison, one-way sync and two-way sync. Data Sync compares tables with different structure. It supports SQL Server and MySQL. It has a great looking interface. Supports large binary data. Support for Interbase/Firebird database with Data Sync. Web Site
25th May 2009 SQL Format SQL Server code completion to turbocharge your T-SQL coding. It adds lightning fast autocompletion and function info as you type.

SQL Format speeds up your programming as you need much less typing - and it ensures no typos are left in your code.

Web Site
19th January 2011 Integrated Development Environment SharpDevelop is a .Net based IDE for .Net family of languages. Noteworthy features: WPF/WinForms application with visual component designer, integration with external components as SVN integration, profiler, NUnit, FxCop code issues, and so on. Web Site